“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” 

― Confucius

The entertainment in your vessel should have the same audio and visual features as the entertainment devices in your home.  At Vessel Audio we don’t just sell a product, we sell a solution.  All of our products are carefully chosen based on technology, size, and performance ideal for any yacht.

No Internet, No Problem

Keep the party going, without the need for an internet connection.  We provide audio streaming solutions geared specifically to vessels where a reliable high speed internet connection isn’t always an option.  All of our products are designed to work with, or without, an internet connection.











Entertaining should not be difficult. Our products work on easy and universal platforms like Airplay 2 and Chromecast to simplify entertainment.  Vessel Audio offers a number of specialized services to make it even easier. 

Plug-and-Play: Our most popular service will label, program, setup, and test your system ahead of time, customized to your unique specifications. 

Media Back-up: Digitize all of your CDs and DVDs onto one compact hard drive for hours of entertainment. 

Design Services: Our design service takes all of the guesswork out putting together a system.  Answer a few quick questions and we will create a full proposal for you, free of charge.



Space and Performance is Vital

We know that available storage is valuable.  That’s why we deliver high performing products that focus on saving space.

Wi-Fi Amplifiers

With Airplay 2 and/or Chromecast, you can stream the music stored on any phone, tablet, or Network Attached Storage device, to any set of speakers on your boat.  Available in 6 zone and 3 zone configurations with single zone coming soon.

Surround Sound Receivers

Like the rest of our products, our surround sound receivers have Airplay 2 built-in, allowing you to pair your Salon surround sound system with music in other areas.

12 Volt WiFi Receivers

Perfect for a flybridge or a smaller boat.  These stereos have Airplay 2 (not chromecast), bluetooth, and a number of other entertainment options built-in.  Their colorful screens are IPx7 rated for the harshest marine environments.

All Weather Marine Speakers

Designed by musicians and engineered by boaties.  These speakers are designed to provide unparalleled audio with True Marine grade protection.

12-Volt Marine Amplifiers

When your speakers need an extra push of volume and clarity, adding an external amplifier goes a long way.  All of our 12-volt amplifiers are True Marine certified with 3-year consumer warranties attached.

Our Blog

Stop by often to stay connected with the marine industry.  We will discuss new ideas for entertaining, food, and fun while you’re on your yacht. 

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