VSSL A.3 – Three Zone Amplifier


The A.3 has been discontinued, BUT the new A.3x with more features is in stock in limited quantities.  Click here to go to the new A.3x!

The VSSL A.3 has been discontinued and the new version the A.3x is now in stock.  Click here for the new A.3x

  • Update: Airplay 2 now available!
  • Three Zone WiFi Amplifier
  • Compact Design, only 1.72″ tall without feet
  • 3x3x3 – 3 different people listening to 3 different songs in 3 different rooms
  • Group Zones to create a party zone
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New “x” series VSSL A.3x now available!  Click here!

The VSSL A.3 streams audio to three different zones of speakers.  The multi room music amplifier delivers 50 watts per channel to one or all three areas at once.  The 3x3x3 configuration allows for everyone on the boat to have control over their respective zone.


The A.3 and other VSSL products stream music using Airplay 2 and Chromecast.  Open your favorite music app, press the Airplay or Chromecast icon, select your room, and enjoy.


Hi-Res music delivers audio quality beyond that of a compact disc (CD).  Hi-Res Audio pushes your speakers to pure audio performance. 

Local RCA Inputs

The A.3 has six local inputs for each audio zone.  Connect up your televisions variable audio output and listen to your TV audio through your speakers.

Size Matters

A picture tells a thousand words.  The VSSL A.3 combines the power of six amplifiers into one 1U rack space size.  With only one chassis you need only one network connection, giving your router a much-needed break.  No other multi room audio amplifier packs this kind of punch into such a small size.

No More Remotes

Get rid of all of those remote controls that never work!  This Airplay 2 and Chromecast amplifier requires only your mobile device to activate your favorite tunes.


Plug & Play: Our technicians will fully program, label, and test your system before it ships.

Media Backup: We can backup all of your CDs and DVDs onto one compact network attached hard drive.  Our service creates available storage space, media preservation, and constant availability of all of your media.