VSSL A.6x – Six Zone Amplifier


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  • Chromecast and Airplay 2 Amplifier
  • Now with Amazon Alexa!  The new “x” series has a new sleek black chassis
  • Uses Native Apps
  • 6x6x6 – 6 different people listening to 6 different songs in 6 different rooms
  • Group Zones
  • Hi-Fi Component
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The VSSL A.6x streams music to six different pairs of speakers.  The A.6x will stream any app (Pandora Radio, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc.) to any zone you choose using Airplay 2, Chromecast, or Amazon Alexa!  Set-up is a snap and using it is even easier.  Now you have music in one room, select rooms, or all rooms.

AmplifierClass D, 50 watt @ 8 Ω RMS, 50 watt @ 4 Ω RMS
Inputs(6) Matrixed Analog, (1) Optical, (1) IR, (1) Network
Wireless inputsAirplay2, Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, Alexa Cast
Outputs(6) Matrixed Analog*, (1) Network
EQ(6) Matrixed Analog, (1) Network
S/N Ratio>101 dB
Frequency Response20 - 50,000 Hz
Rack Space2U
Dimensions (No Feet)17” W x 3.46” H x 14” D
Dimensions (With Feet)17” W x 4.7” H x 14” D


The A.6x and other VSSL products stream music using Airplay 2 and Chromecast.  Open your favorite music app, select your room, and enjoy.


Hi-Res music delivers audio quality beyond that of a compact disc (CD).  Hi-Res Audio pushes your speakers to pure audio performance.

Local RCA Inputs

The A.6x has six local inputs for each audio zone.  Connect up your televisions variable audio output and listen to your TV audio through your speakers.

Size Matters

A picture tells a thousand words.  The VSSL A.6x combines the power of six amplifiers into a single 2U rack space size.  With only one chassis you need only one network connection, giving your router a much-needed break.

No More Remotes

Remote controls with a thousand buttons that never work?  No thank you!  By using Apple Airplay 2 or Android Chromecast you can easily stream music to your speakers in each room with technology built-in to your device.

Alexa and Google

Voice Control

The new VSSL “X” series has Amazon Alexa and Google Home control for an even easier way to control your music.  Say a command like “Alexa play Billy Joel in the kitchen”  and enjoy the piano man through your in-ceiling speakers.  No remote, no keypad, no confusing technologies, just awesome tunes.

*Alexa to be activated Q1 2022