The new A.3x is a powerful amplifier that streams music to 3 speaker zones.  Easily stream your music from any device using Airplay 2 or Chromecast, a utility that is built into all Android and Apple devices.  The new “x” series integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Home allowing you to stream music with the sound of your voice.

Hi-Res music 24-bit/192 khz

No need to sacrifice quality for convenience.  Hi-Res music delivers audio quality beyond that of a compact disc (CD).  Hi-Res Audio pushes your speakers to pure audio performance. 

native streaming

Don’t learn another new app.  The A.3x uses original music apps like iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora Radio with Apple Airplay 2 & Google Chromecast compatibility. 

local inputs

Run an audio cable from your TV or satellite box to get television audio out of in-ceiling speakers in your room.  Most setups allow you to use your standard TV or Satellite remote control to regulate volume.

Size Matters

The A.3x takes up a fraction of the size of multiple zone amplifiers.  With VSSL each zone can play it’s own audio source or you can group multiple zones to play the same music.  Don’t forget to check out the single zone and a six zone configurations.

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No More Remotes

VSSL uses any Airplay 2 and Chromecast compatible phone, tablet, or computer to control each audio zone.  As long as the device and VSSL are connected to the same WiFi network, you have control.

Voice Control

Now you can leave your phone on the charger and just speak to your speakers.  The “X” series of VSSL allows for Google Home and Amazon Alexa integration.

“Alexa, play soft rock in the kitchen”

Alexa and Google

A.3x Specification Sheet (.pdf)

A.3 Specifications

Channels (Speakers)6
Output Power50 watts/ch @ 8/4 Ω
Inputsnetwork, (1) bus line level, (3) local line level
Wireless Inputs3 + 1 macro party
Outputs(2) selectable line level (i.e external amps)
EQ7-band parametric adjustable with presets per zone
S/N Ratio>101 dB
Frequency Response5Hz – 50kHz
Operating Voltage115-230 VAC 60/50 Hz auto switch
Rack Space1U
Dimensions w/o Feet17″ W x 1.72” H x 10.6” D
Dimensions w/ Feet17” W x 2.42” H x 10.6” D
Shipping Weight8.4 lbs

A.3 F.A.Q

Does the A.3 work on WiFi?

The VSSL A.3 will need a hard network connection (ethernet) to your WiFi router.  Then you can stream all your music wirelessly.

Can I listen to my TV audio in my rooms speakers?

YES!  The VSSL A.3 has local RCA inputs for each zone.  Connect an RCA audio cable from the TV’s “audio output” and everything that is shown the TV will play through the speakers in your room.  We can configure your system to use the normal TV remote control to regulate volume.


Can you help me set it up?

YES!  Our popular plug-and-play service will setup and test your system before it ships.  Just plug in the speaker wires for each room and connect it up to your router and you’re done.  We can come to the vessel and do a full install when required.

Speaker Packages

Our seasoned staff can help you design a complete system for your home, yacht, or business with exceptional specials on speakers and other accessories.  Give us call today with any questions regarding setup or usage and we would be glad to help.


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